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Michael 4 Safety
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Safety Rules

Safety Rules

Other Links

Other Links

National Safety Council of the Ozarks
The National Safety Council mission is to educate and influence people to prevent accidental injury and death with a vision of making our world a safer place.

Oklahoma Corporation Commission
The Oklahoma Corporation Commission has numerous and varied responsibilities, including regulatory authority of oil and gas drilling and production, and environmental protections.

Oklahoma Energy Resource Board or
Click on Well Site safety Video, or CALL 1-800-664-1301. Call and notify them of possible oil well sites to clean up.

Oklahoma Poison Center
Prevention efforts key in reducing unintentional poisoning. Suspected Poisoning call 1-800-222-1212.

OCES Master Calender

Northwest District 4-H!

Safe Kids Oklahoma 405-271-5695
Safe Kids Oklahoma is dedicated to helping raise public awareness in preventable accidents among our children.

Schools for Healthy Lifestyles
Their mission is to promote and maintain healthy lifestyle choices in Oklahoma through preventive community-based school health education programs for students, their families, and faculty.

Safety Promise

Safety Promise

Child's Oath to Parent(s)

I, _________________________________, promise my parents that I will never play around oil field equipment. I also promise that I will tell my parents or another adult if I ever see other children playing around oil field equipment to try to keep them safe.

Parent(s) Oath to Child

I, ________________________________, promise to talk to you and your friends about the dangers of oil field equipment . I also promise to act on information you give me regarding you and/or others who may be in danger around this equipment.




Date of Promise: ____________________





Educational Resources


Important Educational Resources





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